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Its never been easier for brands to directly connect with customers via their social media channels. The conversation is happening even if you aren’t around. Access is great but diligence and consistency are important to make sure your channels are working together to tell the right story.

As a brand on social media, what are you trying to do? There are so many opportunities with social and it seems everyone in your organization will have a point of view. In 2021 everyone is a social media expert, that’s why social channels are the most important marketing tool for a technology last, strategy first approach.

Work Smarter.

If you build it, they won’t come. Have a clear ambition with your approach to social media. What problem are you solving? What segment of your audience are you connecting with and what makes your content engaging? How are you adding value?

At Fifth Group, we are an over-utilized marketing team, and there is never enough content. So we got creative and put our internal brand ambassadors to work. The Fifth Group Social Media Ambassadors were an engaged group of restaurant managers and hourly employees to help create great content for Fifth Group. What makes great content? It doesn’t happen by accident. 

To expand your content collaboration, you’ll need the right technology tool. Make sure you pick the right tools that will not only the help you do more but also help you listen, learn and make better decisions. At Fifth Group we chose Sprout Social after researching that technology in the context of where we were trying to go.

Fifth Group Restaurants
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The work we did at Fifth Group built on my previous social media strategy work. Below you can take a peek at the MBIKES start up social strategy to get a better idea of what a holistic approach with me might look like.

Or you can just follow my personal Instagram account to get some fantastic pictures of my cats. Like I said, deliver the brand first.