Something more important than you, If you lost it what would you do? What is better than what could have been, It is gone; where do you fit in? Is what you receive what you deserve, Or should you enjoy the life you’ve been served? What do you say or what could you do, To keep what’s more important than you? I’m not another boy on another Sunday night I’m the wolf that wants it just right. A heart that knows she could do better, The last thing I want to do is let her. She’ll grow like a tree in my shine, Only then, she’ll leave me behind. No one knows my why better than me, So, why do I feel fucking lucky? Fear or doubt come to my mind, My heart is strong I will be fine. I’ll steer this ship on course, I’m ready to live not rehearse. We each deserve a life too fine, Find it in each moment in time. Each time I feel her up, Laughing together at our luck. Life begins with what’s imagined, Manifested in the universe’s reaction. That story is almost never true, But here I am in front of you.