The Millennial Mindset is Cause and Effect

You don’t have to go far to hear about the Millennial mindset and how this generation is different. Many old timers lament that these “kids” aren’t ready to make a dent in the universe like the young folks of generations past. Well, I for one am not so sure about that. These kids might help us all take a long look in the mirror and make the hard decisions necessary to live our life before it is too late.


First, one needs to understand that generational trends aren’t the result of actions taken by the current “now” generation. The Millennial mindset is a creation of generations past. It is the decision of the baby boomers to pump us full of false promises and unmet expectations. Keep your head down and work hard. This generation will be better than the last. Hard work is its own reward. The American Dream.


This mindset isn’t restricted by age… it is restricted by consciousness. Are you ready to live your life? Are you ready to stop making decisions based on marketing messages and worn out western tropes? The first step in the mindset is knowing who you are and what life you want to live. This is the tipping point for the millennials. The ability to say no to the expectations of others. The wisdom to ignore the wisdom of generations past. The knowledge that not only do they not stand on the shoulders of giants, but that there are no giants.


Focus on living the life that you want. Don’t let the mantras of generations past lead you down the same path. Make the effort and take the time to visualize the life that you want and what it takes to make it happen. There is responsibility with this mindset. You are entitled to nothing. Your entitlements are actually expectations keeping you in line and possibly away from living a life with passion.


Look around you. That is all the millennials have done. Do you see fulfilled people living lives with passion? Better yet, look in the mirror.